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October 2023 EOHCB Journal

In the October 2023 edition of the EOHCB Journal, we invite members to share suggestive topics you wish the EOHCB to address during 2024 via virtual engagements. We provide insight to seasonal workers and provide recommendations in preparation for the festive season. In the interest of Occupational Health and Safety, we give guidance on Tuberculosis (TB) and how to protect the workplace from TB. We also provide an update on the Occupational Qualification Beauty Therapist and its 9-part qualifications.


Business Leadership Skills that we can learn from the Springboks


Tara Turkington, CEO of Flow Communications, shares valuable business lessons drawn from the Springboks' pursuit of victory in the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France. The Springboks have exemplified exceptional leadership qualities that also serve as valuable reminders for effective leadership in the business world.


Embrace Belief

As Nelson Mandela famously stated, "It always seems impossible until it's done." The Springboks showcased this spirit by defeating France in a thrilling quarterfinal match, despite facing the odds. Their triumph underscores the importance of believing in your ability to succeed.


Teamwork is Key

In rugby, as in business, every team member has a role to play. While there may be standout performers, it's the collective effort and support, including those behind the scenes, that truly make a difference. The Springboks' success relies on the comprehensive performance of the entire team.


Cultivate Humility and Gratitude

Following their matches, the Springboks' captain, Siya Kolisi, consistently praised the opposition's performance and expressed gratitude towards his own team, their families, and the millions of South African supporters. Humility and appreciation are essential elements of leadership.


Dare to Dream Big

The Springboks claimed their fourth Rugby World Cup title, a feat never accomplished before. Their story reminds us to dream big, for it's through ambition and vision that remarkable achievements become possible.


Harness the Strength of Diversity

South Africa's national rugby team boasts a diverse roster in terms of skills, experience, age, and specialisation. This diversity offers flexibility and unpredictability that keep opponents on their toes.


Balance Discipline and Creativity

Maintaining discipline while fostering creativity is a delicate balance. The Springboks have excelled in this aspect, exemplified by their low penalty count and the strategic surprises they spring on their rivals. Adapting and innovating while adhering to core values is a successful strategy.


Acknowledge the Importance of Details

In a remarkable play, Cheslin Kolbe blocked a conversion kick, saving crucial points for the Springboks. This moment emphasizes the significance of attention to detail, as even the smallest actions can have a substantial impact on the outcome.


Exhibit Resilience

The Springboks have demonstrated unwavering determination and resilience throughout the tournament, never giving up even when the odds seemed overwhelming. Their resilience mirrors the tenacity required in business, regardless of the challenges faced.


Source: Modern Marketing


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October 2023 EOHCB Journal
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