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Legal Research and Writing
Signing Contract
Business Meeting
Job Interview
Checking Text on a Document
Labour Matters

  • Letters & Contract of Employment

  • Restraint of Trade Agreements

  • Correct Application of Collective Agreement in the Industry

  • Assistance with correct Leave Pay, Retrenchment Packages, etc.

  • Company Policies & Procedures

  • Disciplinary Codes & Procedures

  • Assistance with Internal Disciplinary Hearings

  • Operational Requirements & Retrenchment

  • Employer Representation at Conciliation and Arbitration Hearings

  • All SSETA related problems


Industry Interaction​

EOHCB Community

  • Newsletters & Labour Articles published in the Hairdressing Journal

  • Hairdressing & Beauty Competitions

  • Labour Workshops


Education & Training

  • Seminars and Workshops 

  • Competitor Training

  • Juror & Wiseman Training


Bargaining Council 

  • Collective Agreement 

  • Wage Scales 

  • Sick Pay Fund


Remember:  The EOHCB negotiates, on the Employer's behalf,  together the Employee's Union and Bargaining Council, all Wage Increases and Salary Schedules.  This negotiation process also includes Amendments to the Industry's Collective Agreement.

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