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What is an occupational injury?


An "occupational injury" means a personal injury

sustained as a result of an accident.


An “accident” is any incident or occurrence

arising out of and in the course of an

employee’s employment. 


“In the course of an employee’s employment”

 includes any activity in which any employee is employed.



What if an employee was acting contrary to the law?


For the purposes of this Act, an accident shall be deemed to have arisen out of and in the course of the employment of an employee notwithstanding that the employee was at the time of the accident acting contrary to any law applicable to his employment or to any order by or on behalf of his employer, or that he was acting without any order of his employer, if the employee was, in the opinion of the commissioner, so acting for the purposes of or in the interests of or in connection with the business of his employer


Have you considered if an accident that occurred while an employee was on their way to work is covered? Is teambuilding or training included as “during the course of an employee's employment”? What about an employee who is on standby?



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