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I am Limya Kamaldien, currently serving as the Divisional Manager for the Western Cape region at EOHCB. With an extensive tenure of 8 years within this esteemed organisation, I have borne witness to the remarkable growth of the Western Cape division, particularly as we extended our welcome to the Beauty Industry, integrating it into the realm of organized labour.

Throughout this span, my colleagues and I have collectively navigated the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating resilience and adaptability. Observing the Hair and Beauty Industry's commendable resurgence from the adverse impacts of this global crisis has been a source of keen anticipation.

Amid these experiences, my role has been instrumental in not only bolstering EOHCB's membership figures but also actively engaging at the organizational board level. I am honoured to hold the position of an elected Trustee to the Pension Fund, further underscoring my commitment to fostering the growth and welfare of our members.

Central to my responsibilities is the consistent dissemination of educational insights to our members. Whether conveyed through direct interactions or more indirect means such as Zoom, WhatsApp, and email, I am steadfastly committed to providing prompt feedback and guidance. In this capacity, I often serve as a dependable sounding board, lending an empathetic ear to members seeking dialogue.

My daily endeavours revolve around the meticulous management of the Divisional Executive Committee, encompassing both advisory and administrative dimensions. Additionally, I function as a labour consultant, extending guidance to members at the grassroots level, and offering expertise in various settings such as mediations, disciplinary hearings, conciliations, and arbitrations.

To remain attuned to the ever-evolving landscape of labour affairs, our team actively engages in requisite training and internal communication. This strategic approach ensures that we consistently uphold our proficiency and effectiveness in our roles.

In my pursuit to continuously enhance our service delivery, I am dedicated to keeping a vigilant ear to the ground. Every triumph and setback is regarded as an invaluable learning opportunity, propelling me toward refinement and growth. It is my unwavering commitment to development that empowers me to provide an elevated level of service to our esteemed members.

Limya encourages Employers and or Legal Owners to become members of the EOHCB because:

The EOHCB provides a robust foundation tailored to meet the needs of employers and legal proprietors in their pursuit of operating a prosperous business. Our expertise extends to resolving any lingering queries you may have. Equipped with a comprehensive set of tools, we are poised to facilitate the enhancement of your business operations. Collaborating closely with a community that is deeply invested in the welfare of the industry and its trajectory, we are dedicated to supporting and steering it toward a promising future.


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