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Is the usage of sick leave increasing whilst productivity is decreasing in your workplace? Perhaps it is time to check in with your employees, perhaps stress is the culprit.


Why is stress management important in the workplace for the employer:

  1. Performance; employees who have less stress or know how to manage their stress usually have a better productivity output.

  2. Less frequent sick leave usage or absenteeism; will save you money.

  3. Increased morale; when employees feel that they matter and are cared for, they tend to be more engaged.

  4. Employer of choice, companies who actually care about their employees have increased talent acquisition and retention where talented individuals see them to be the favoured employer.

Stress management techniques:

  • Meditation techniques to encourage clear thinking and clear state of mind.

  • Deep breathing when you are feeling overwhelmed, to help ground you.

  • Maintaining good physical exercise and a healthy diet.

  • Reducing social media time has proven to heighten stress. It also reduces sleep time, as many of us use our phones at night.

  • Connect, as humans need to connect with one another to feel supported.


What can the employer do:

Stress management is an important part of the employers health and safety obligation.

  • The employer needs to ensure the working environment is safe.

  • Openly discuss and recognise work-related stress as a genuine problem.

  • Discuss issues and pro-actively address them.

  • Employees have personal lives too, we should take into consideration that sometimes personal issues will clash with work.

  • Upskills yourself, to ensure you have the EQ to manage with these work stressors.


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