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Amanda possesses extensive experience spanning several years in Human Resources Management, Facility Management, and General Management, gained through her involvement in both corporate and governmental settings. In addition to these roles, she holds ownership of four Sorbet franchise stores situated in the South of Johannesburg.

As the incumbent President of the EOHCB, Amanda is committed to supporting members in establishing thriving, profitable, and sustainable businesses. Individuals engaged in this industry are well aware of its dynamic and inspiring nature, which continuously undergoes transformation. It is vital to recognize that the EOHCB, as an organisation, fosters an environment of ongoing learning and collective responsibility. As employers and legal owners, it is essential that we equip our staff and peers with comprehensive training and understanding of the industry, enabling growth and the maintenance of professional relationships.

Reasons for Amanda's advocacy for Employers and Legal Owners to join the EOHCB:

Having been a member of the EOHCB since 2014, I have actively contributed to and represented various facets of the Organisation. The EOHCB boasts a proficient and knowledgeable management and operational team dedicated to delivering exceptional services.


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