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With an impressive tenure of 35 years as the owner of Hair Trend in Klerksdorp, Sonia has cultivated a remarkable career in the hairdressing industry. Her journey commenced in 1979 at Springs Technical College, followed by an advanced year at Joubertpark Technical College, where she honed her skills. Initially, Sonia worked under her mother's tutelage for four years before relocating to Klerksdorp, where she contributed her expertise to Rogelles for a period of five years. Throughout this time, she actively participated as a Union member. In 1988, Sonia established Hair Trend, a venture that has persevered and thrived since its inception. As a committed member of the EOHCB for 35 years, she currently serves as the Divisional Chairperson for the North-West region and holds the position of National Vice President for Hairdressing.

Having successfully trained over 30 accomplished hairdressers, all of whom continue to flourish in their careers, Sonia attests that training comes naturally to her. She identifies the strengths of individuals and nurtures their growth, firmly believing in upholding the industry's high standards.

In my capacity as Vice President of Hairdressing, my primary objective is to reinforce hairdressers' awareness of the irreplaceable nature of their craft. I emphasize the importance of maintaining exceptional standards in their work and highlight the advantages of belonging to the EOHCB, which facilitates progress to the next level. I firmly assert that obtaining and possessing qualifications are crucial for the future growth and development of our industry.

Reasons for Sonia encouraging Employers and Legal Owners to become members of the EOHCB:

Membership to the EOHCB holds immense prestige for me. It signifies to others that I am a conscientious employer who prioritizes the well-being of my workforce and demonstrates my active engagement in collective bargaining on industry matters that influence our employment relationships and shape the future. I want Legal Owners to understand that personal growth alone is insufficient motivation in the long run. By nurturing the growth of others, I have been compelled to continuously learn and explore new avenues, benefiting from the knowledge shared within our collective. The power of a cohesive team transcends individual achievements, enabling us to reach heights that would be unattainable in isolation.


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