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I am Enzo Cammarano, and I currently serve as the Divisional Manager for the KwaZulu-Natal division. Holding a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the esteemed University of KwaZulu-Natal, I bring a wealth of academic knowledge and practical experience to my role. Prior to this position, I garnered extensive experience in various facets of human resources, including labour relations, HR management, policy development, payroll administration, and staff recruitment.

Within my responsibilities at the EOHCB, my daily tasks encompass a broad spectrum of activities central to effective human resources management. These include but are not limited to, overseeing HR operations, presiding over disciplinary hearings, advocating for employers during such proceedings, liaising with industry regulatory bodies such as the HCSBC, and collaborating with trade unions like UASA. Additionally, I provide consultancy services on labour relations, facilitate the implementation of collective agreements, handle HR-related disputes, and manage office operations and administration. Moreover, I engage in member recruitment and undertake legal drafting of pertinent documents.

Enzo strongly advocates for employers and legal owners to consider becoming members of the EOHCB because: Our organisation offers compelling compensation packages and benefits tailored to meet the needs of employers. By joining our ranks, you gain access to a reservoir of expertise and industry knowledge in the realm of human resources, grounded in best practices. This expertise proves invaluable in navigating intricate HR challenges, ensuring compliance with labour laws, and adhering to industry collective agreements.

Entrusting us to enhance your business not only alleviates the burden of grappling with legal complexities but also empowers you to focus on core operations with confidence.



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