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Arnold is a dynamic and accomplished professional specialising in Human Resource Management, with a focus on Labour Relations. Possessing six years of industry experience, he has established himself as a sought-after expert adept at navigating intricate workplace dynamics.


Arnold's dedication to empowering individuals within the workforce is apparent in his pursuit of a National Certificate in Labour Relations Practices, underscoring his commitment to staying abreast of industry trends. His emphasis on continuous learning reflects a sincere desire to positively impact both employer and employees.

Evidencing a commitment to personal development, Arnold has acquired additional certifications in Payroll and Project Management, showcasing his versatility and ability to manage diverse HR responsibilities.

Throughout his career, Arnold has excelled in leadership and interpersonal skills, effectively mediating conflicts and fostering a harmonious working environment. His comprehensive understanding of labour laws and regulations has proven instrumental in addressing employment issues, ensuring compliance, and mitigating risks for members of the EOHCB.

Arnold's exceptional communication and negotiation skills have facilitated the establishment of robust relationships with EOHCB members and their employees, their management teams, and external stakeholders. This has contributed to the successful implementation of HR policies and strategies aligned with organisational objectives.

Demonstrating a proactive problem-solving approach, Arnold identifies opportunities for process improvements, streamlining operations, and enhancing productivity, beneficial to the EOHCB. His analytical mindset and forward-thinking approach enable him to devise innovative solutions even in challenging situations.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Arnold actively engages in professional development workshops and seminars, remaining at the forefront of HR practices to adapt to the ever-changing industry landscape.

Arnold encourages Employers and Legal Owners to obtain membership to the EOHCB because:


The Employers' Organisation for Hairdressing, Cosmetology, and Beauty (EOHCB) extends a host of benefits to professionals in the industry. As a member, you join a united front advocating for the rights and interests of employers in the sector. The organisation offers valuable networking opportunities, access to industry insights, and educational resources for skill development.

EOHCB membership enhances credibility as a trusted industry leader and provides avenues for leadership roles. Additionally, being part of the organisation aligns members with ethical business practices and fosters a supportive community of like-minded professionals. Overall, joining the EOHCB not only strengthens one's business but also contributes to the advancement and prosperity of the hairdressing, cosmetology, and beauty industry as a whole.


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