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As a dedicated employee of the Employers’ Organisation for Hairdressing, Cosmetology, and Beauty (EOHCB) since the year 2016, my journey with the EOHCB commenced in the role of Divisional Manager for the Kwazulu-Natal region. Over the years, my responsibilities have expanded significantly, and in 2018, I assumed the added role of overseeing the development and management of our organisation's brand identity and marketing initiatives. Additionally, I took on the responsibility of content creation to promote the organisation, its activities, and effective communication for the benefit of our members, the industry, and our operational staff.

In 2021, I relocated to Cape Town and was honoured to be appointed as the National Marketing, Branding, and Client Relationship Manager, as well as the Information Officer (POPI) of the EOHCB. Since 2017, I have actively participated in various key structures and committees of the National Bargaining Council for Hairdressing, Cosmetology, Beauty, and Skincare Industry (HCSBC). In this capacity, I have served as a delegate, chairperson, and vice-chairperson of the Board, National Executive Committee, Sick Benefit and Pay Funds Committee, and Education Committee. Furthermore, I represent the EOHCB at the Personal Care Services Chamber of Services SETA.

My educational background includes qualifications in Marketing and Sales Management, as well as Hairdressing. I have also pursued certification courses in Labour Relations and Human Resources Management. My expertise as a qualified hairstylist has greatly contributed to my ability to effectively serve our organisation, its members, and the broader industry.

In my current role as the Marketing, Branding, and Client Relationship Manager of the EOHCB, I share the responsibility of developing and maintaining our organisation's brand image, nurturing client relationships, and driving our marketing strategies.

Some of my key responsibilities encompass:

Strategic Brand Development, Management of Marketing Campaigns, Conducting Market Research, Effective Client Relationship Management, Content Creation and Management, Budget Oversight, Data Analysis, Team Leadership and Collaboration, Brand Monitoring, Event Planning and Management, Strategic Market Expansion, Ensuring Compliance and Ethical Practices, Reporting and Communication, Promoting Innovation and Adaptation, and Managing Public Relations.

I take great pride in my role, which involves ensuring that our organisation maintains a competitive advantage within the industry and addresses the needs of our members in alignment with EOHCB's vision, mission, and objectives.

Dane advocates for Employers and Legal Owners to become members of the EOHCB because:

The EOHCB has a track record of adding significant value to businesses for over 75 years, and the record includes several key factors that underscore the benefits of EOHCB membership:

Proven track record: The EOHCB has a rich history of contributing to the success of businesses within the Hairdressing, Cosmetology, and Beauty industry. With 75 years of experience, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to provide valuable services and support to our members. This longevity signifies stability and reliability, making us a trusted partner for businesses.

Competent and Experienced Staff: We employ a team of professionals who are well-versed in labour laws, regulations, and HR practices. Our experts offer invaluable guidance and assistance to members in navigating complex employment-related issues, ensuring compliance, and optimizing workforce management. Our operational staff save our members time and resources while mitigating legal risks.

Investment in membership: Becoming a member of the EOHCB is not just an expense; it is an investment in the future of your business. Membership dues are often justified by the cost savings, legal protection, and strategic insights that the EOHCB provides. By leveraging the resources and expertise of the organisation, members can make informed decisions that positively impact their bottom line.

Added value to business: EOHCB membership adds tangible value to businesses in several ways:

Advocacy: The EOHCB advocates on behalf of its members' interests when it comes to labour laws, regulations, and government policies. We aim to create a favourable employment and business environment, helping members navigate legislative changes and compliance requirements.

Networking: We offer opportunities for members to connect with other members and stakeholders, fostering valuable networking and collaboration. This can lead to partnerships, new clients, and business growth.

Training and Development: We often host and present seminars and workshops to enhance skills and knowledge, increasing overall productivity and competitiveness within the industry, employment, and business landscape.

Access to resources: Members gain access to a wealth of resources, including representation at internal hearings, conciliation, and arbitration, templates for HR policies, legal documents, and best practices, which can streamline operations and reduce costs.

Employers and Legal Owners, by aligning yourselves with the EOHCB, you can position your business for long-term success in today's complex and evolving employment and business landscape.


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