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During the pursuit of my BCom degree in Business Management, my focus gravitated towards Human Resource Management and Labour Law. This academic journey coincided with my professional engagement at EOHCB, where I assumed the role of a dedicated Labour Consultant. I further extended my academic endeavours, culminating in the successful completion of an Honours in Business Management with Labour Relations and Human Resources as my principal areas of specialization.

Accumulating substantial years of training and practical experience in this field, I have consistently contributed to the industry by assisting employers in navigating intricate HR and Labour-related challenges. This journey has led me to my current role as the Junior Manager for Northern Gauteng.

As an experienced Labour Relations Consultant, my primary responsibility is to guide employers in adhering to the industry's Main Collective Agreement alongside other pertinent labour legislations. Employing a range of strategies including counselling and mediation, I facilitate dispute resolution as well as representing employers in instances where these dispute resolution methods have been exhausted. This representation spans conciliation and arbitration proceedings within the CCMA and HCSBC Bargaining Council.

I firmly believe that creating a shared vision underpins the cultivation of a harmonious labour relations environment. In line with this conviction, I offer advisory training and counselling services tailored for employers, managers, and staff. This comprehensive approach contributes to the creation of a conducive atmosphere for productive labour relations.

Why Megan encourages an Employer and or Legal Owner to become a member of the EOHCB?

I advocate for employers to consider affiliating themselves with the EOHCB, as this association offers a profound reservoir of expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of labour affairs. By becoming a member, employers can attain a sense of assurance that they are adhering to the appropriate protocols and fostering a tranquil operational environment.


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