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I am Choert Maartens, and my association with EOHCB spans a commendable 15-year tenure. Holding a distinguished qualification from the esteemed Wits Business School in Management, I have diligently pursued professional development through numerous courses encompassing the domains of Labour Relations and Finance Management.

My engagement has been comprehensive, encompassing multifaceted involvements within the Bargaining Council, specifically concerning employers operating within the dynamic realms of the Hairdressing, Beauty, and Skincare industry. I am characterized by my forward-thinking disposition and an unwavering dedication to advocating for the optimal interests of our EOHCB members and industry.

In my capacity as the Gauteng Divisional Manager, my responsibilities encompass the safeguarding of our members' paramount interests, spanning labour relations, business advancement, and financial robustness within the framework of EOHCB. My engagement extends to active participation in Industry Negotiations, assuming a pivotal role within the executive committee and board of the Bargaining Council. Furthermore, I hold delegation in essential committees such as Sick Pay and Sick Benefit Funds, as well as Audit, besides serving as a dedicated trustee on the Industry Pension Fund trustee board and contributing to the Death Claims committee.

Throughout my multifaceted involvement across various facets of EOHCB and the Bargaining Council, I consistently prioritize our members' business pursuits. Our members stand as the forefront concern for every member of the EOHCB team. It is a source of pride for me to be a part of the dedicated EOHCB team and contribute to the advancement of our industry.

Choert encourages Employers and Legal Owners to become members of the EOHCB because:

It is imperative for all business proprietors operating within our industry to consider becoming members of EOHCB. By doing so, you open avenues towards elevating your business to new heights in terms of regulatory adherence, adept handling of employee relations matters, and comprehensive training and business enhancement opportunities.

Relinquishing any apprehensions related to disciplinary procedures, we assume the responsibility with seamless ease, offering you peace of mind. Our team of adept professionals possesses the requisite knowledge and expertise to provide optimal counsel and representation within the appropriate forums. This empowers you to entrust us with navigating the intricacies of legal procedures concerning your workforce, allowing you to direct your focus on the core of your enterprise.

The Employer’s Organisation stands as a vanguard of education, as evidenced by our representative's presence in the Service SETA personal care chamber. We actively facilitate a range of seminars and webinars, delving into diverse subjects that have the potential to propel your business toward unprecedented growth.


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