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Melissa characterizes herself as a dynamic and highly motivated individual, consistently dedicated to going above and beyond without hesitation. She actively seeks opportunities to enhance her knowledge, possessing a diverse understanding of beauty, nail anatomy, beauty product houses, and Labour Relations. With extensive experience in the beauty industry, she acknowledges the correlation between industry knowledge and enhanced productivity. Melissa maintains an organized and mature approach to tasks, demonstrating efficiency and a problem-solving mindset.

Functioning as a Business Developer in the Western Cape (Garden Route), Melissa plays a pivotal role in the region's development, handling recruitment and labour relations inquiries. Her energetic and excellent communication skills, honed through years of firsthand sales experience, have instilled confidence and underscored the importance of relationships. She is recognized for being hardworking, reliable, helpful, outgoing, organized, honest, and cooperative.

Melissa advocates for Employers and Legal Owners to become members of the EOHCB because:

Recognizing the significance of staying informed about industry and labour relations developments locally, regionally, and globally, Melissa emphasizes the critical benefits of joining the EOHCB. Actively participating with the organisation provides an opportunity to contribute to the professional development of the hair and beauty industry, fostering skills within the sector. This engagement not only benefits the individual member but also contributes to the betterment of society.

Membership in the EOHCB represents a mutually beneficial relationship between the organisation and its members, offering both inspiration and enlightenment through meaningful interactions.


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