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I am Phumzile Eliya, hailing from Vaal Park, and I received my education at Vaal Park High School. My journey in the field of Human Resources commenced a decade ago, while I was employed as a certified Health and Safety Officer. The inception of my career as an HR Officer was marked by a profound passion for this discipline, one that I continue to hold dear to my heart. Over the years, I have remained steadfastly dedicated to advancing my profession, consistently striving to achieve and fulfil organisational objectives.

In my current role, I serve as an Industrial Relations Officer, offering invaluable labour advisory services to the esteemed members of EOHCB. I firmly believe that my presence in the industry contributes positively, as I steadfastly uphold professional ethics and diligently work towards the timely attainment of our members' goals and objectives. Moreover, my extensive experience in overseeing the Protection of Personal Information, acquired during my tenure as the EOHCB Information Officer, further enhances my ability to excel in this role.

Phumzile encourages Employers and Legal Owners to obtain membership to the EOHCB because:

Representation and Advocacy: At the EOHCB, we serve as a unified voice for employers and legal proprietors within the industry, diligently advocating for your interests and actively addressing your concerns.

Compliance and Regulation: Membership in the EOHCB is a valuable asset for employers seeking to remain well-informed and compliant with the latest employment regulations, industry standards, and exemplary practices.

Networking Opportunities: Being an integral part of the EOHCB affords unique opportunities for professionals to foster connections and cultivate meaningful networks with their peers within the industry.

Training and Development: The EOHCB offers a comprehensive array of training programs, workshops, and resources meticulously designed to elevate the skills and knowledge of professionals within the realms of Hairdressing, Cosmetology, and the Beauty sector.

Industry Insights: As the EOHCB, we are committed to delivering our esteemed members with invaluable market insights, discerning industry trends, and meticulously researched reports.

Support Services: Membership grants exclusive access to an array of support services, encompassing legal counsel, expert human resources guidance, and dedicated assistance with labour-related matters.

Brand Reputation: Aligning with a reputable industry institution like the EOHCB can significantly enhance an employer's brand reputation and bolster their credibility in the eyes of both clients and employees.


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