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Dineo epitomizes the traits of a strategic thinker, proactive executor, and perpetual learner. With a multifaceted role spanning Administrative, Project Management, and Business Development spheres, she thrives on embracing cutting-edge technologies and delivering transformative services that leave a lasting impact.

Her pursuit extends beyond mere competence; she aspires to be an exemplar, revered for her contributions.

Central to her ethos is the belief in continuous personal improvement—a philosophy she ardently advocates. She champions the idea that our lives are sculpted by our actions, embracing the unvarnished truth of this principle with unwavering conviction. Dineo's faith in the profound efficacy of kindness is not just theoretical; it's grounded in her first-hand observation of its profound influence on individuals.

Her tenure in the IT sector spans a decade, where she held diverse roles ranging from warranty administrator to projects coordinator. Notably, she contributed significantly to pioneering cashless and paperless solutions for a prestigious South African university, navigating through the challenges of a transitioning financial landscape.

Transitioning into her current role as a Business Developer and Labour Consultant at EOHCB, Dineo focuses on fostering growth in the East Rand region of Southern Gauteng. Her responsibilities entail identifying and cultivating new revenue streams, leveraging market insights, forging strategic alliances, and spearheading membership expansion initiatives. Through seamless collaboration with internal stakeholders, such as marketing and finance departments, she ensures alignment with overarching organisational goals.

Dineo actively promotes membership with EOHCB, citing a plethora of benefits for employers and legal owners. The organisation serves as a nexus for networking, facilitating valuable exchanges among industry peers that often culminate in fruitful collaborations.

Moreover, EOHCB's commitment to continuous learning is evidenced through its comprehensive training and development opportunities and services offered to members, enriching members with the latest industry and employment insights and practices, thus enhancing their competitive edge.


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