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Having dedicated numerous years to a successful career in the oil industry, Mastoera found herself at a pivotal moment. Instead of following the conventional path, she recognized the opportune time to invest in her personal growth.

In 2018, she made the decision to acquire a boutique beauty salon that had been operating for twelve years. This endeavour marked the realization of a lifelong aspiration to become a business owner, coupled with her subsequent completion of the ITEC Beauty Therapy qualification.

In her role as Vice President of Beauty, Mastoera is driven by a genuine passion for making a meaningful impact in the industry. She also strives to ensure that the EOHCB adapts and thrives in response to the evolving needs of its members, effectively positioning the organisation at the forefront of industry trends.

By fostering an appetite for change, embracing innovative practices, and cultivating resilience among members, the EOHCB can effectively support Employers and Legal Owners in swiftly adapting to disruptive business conditions while upholding operational continuity, preserving brand equity, and safeguarding our most valuable assets - our employees.

Reasons for Mastoera's endorsement of EOHCB membership for Employers and Legal Owners:

Personally, she strongly advocates for joining the EOHCB as it confers a strategic advantage to Employers and Legal Owners when confronted with labour-related challenges.

By becoming a member, they benefit from professional representation by seasoned Labour Professionals, which would otherwise incur considerable costs if sought independently.

Proactively, membership also provides valuable guidance on ensuring compliance with industry-specific legislation and fosters a crucial link between our industry and governmental legislation.


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