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August 2022 EOHCB Journal

It is a jam-packed journal reminding members of the 2022 EOHCB Digital Hair, Nail, and Makeup Artistry Competition, inviting members of the Southern Cape to a 5km Health & Business walk, and also promoting the remaining webinars for 2022, with one to add early November 2022 (Business Solutions with Terry Miles) just in time for the busy festive season.

We explore Employee Recognition Ideas, provide an important update regarding POPIA, introduce Business Solutions with Terry Miles who addresses data security and the importance thereof for a successful business, and we look at how to have and keep a healthy mindset.

During the month of August, we also corresponded on our social pages (please follow our social pages to keep up-to-date with all the latest news and developments within South African Labour Laws, the EOHCB, and also the Hairdressing, Cosmetology, Skincare, and Beauty Industry) through blogs, and the current topic of discussion is Discipline Management in the Workplace. Click on each tag below to read the most recent and previous topic blogs if you have not done so as yet. This is a series, and we encourage members to follow the series on our social pages and or website.

August 2022 EOHCB Journal
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