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Stress management during short time in the hairdressing and beauty industry is crucial for both employers and employees. Here are some ways to help manage stress.

Fostering open communication is crucial for stress management in the workplace during short time, as it fosters transparency and trust among employers, employees, and union/non-union members.

Key actions include: creating platforms for open dialogue, addressing concerns from both employers and employees, establishing a safe space, offering wellness support, offering flexible work arrangements, and promoting awareness about mental health.

Wellness initiatives, such as mindfulness sessions and stress-relief workshops, can help employees manage stress effectively. Flexible work hours or remote work options during short time can also help reduce stress and promote work-life balance. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) provide support to employees facing stress or emotional challenges by offering counseling services and access to professional support.

Setting clear expectations regarding workload and performance for every employee who is affected by short time is essential for managing stress and preventing misunderstandings. Setting realistic workloads and clear communication of job responsibilities can reduce ambiguity and promote accountability. Organising team-building activities and social events can foster camaraderie and solidarity among employees while creating opportunities for employees to support each other during challenging times can foster a supportive community.


Fostering a positive work culture can strengthen team dynamics and enhance employee well-being. Organisations can organise team-building activities and social events to encourage teamwork and collaboration. Mutual support can be created by creating opportunities for employees to support each other during challenging times.

Addressing stress positively contributes to employee well-being and overall business resilience. By implementing these strategies, professionals within the hairdressing, cosmetology, beauty, and skincare industry can effectively manage stress levels associated with working within short-time constraints while maintaining quality service delivery and promoting overall well-being.

For further consultation, feel free to contact an EOHCB representative for assistance in managing the stress that short time may bring to the employment relationship and working environment.


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